What’s happening with your dice & other items (yes, other items) … – Spidermind Games
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What’s happening with your dice & other items (yes, other items) …

What’s happening with your dice & other items (yes, other items) …

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who came to say hi at PAX East and/or has subsequently bought our new Level Up Digital. These will be shipping from Portland and you will all receive a tracking number from Shopify. If anyone is curious about the Level Up Digital it’s on our website here. To those who feel like posting a negative comment about us launching a new product (which is helping keep the lights on), whilst we are all waiting for the remaining dice, hold your horses please as below is an update on the dice… 

Update on the dice:

As we mentioned in a previous update, the missing dice are being manufactured in small batches before being checked and sent to backers. This is done in two stages, with the sourcing of the agate stones and the printing of the eyes completed, everything is almost ready for casting. According to the manufacturing partners, the team did a full review of the moulds and clips to ensure good output. We are hopeful for casting to start next week but that depends on getting the all clear from the team. We will keep you posted on this.

Our warehouse in Portland have just gone through a move, to make space for all of our items and are still fulfilling the tail end of the dice that they have. As a reminder, your tracking number will appear under the 'shipping' tab in Backer Kit. We appreciate that an update makes you want to ask about this, but the info we have is the same as what you have so please bear with us. No tracking number = label hasn’t been raised yet = you are still waiting.

Another thing that is happening is a pallet of ‘failed’ dice has been shipped from Portland to Ohio, for our engineer to check over. As a result, all sets have been inspected, opened up and full sets have been made with perfectly aligned dice, with all failed dice being discarded. This means we have more full sets that we can now send out. We are working with the fulfillment partners in Portland to get labels for the relevant people sent over to Ohio for imminent shipment. You will notice that on Backer Kit your fulfillment status changes to 'Fulfillment Processing'. 

For those of you who have reported your faulty dice, the portal is being regularly checked for new uploads and new orders are being made. We can say that it has massively slowed down and here’s to the rest of you who get dice from now on, having no issues at all.

We know the struggle is real and we apologise for the delay again, but we are still working away to do right by everyone

If anything is unclear please email help@spidermindgames.com


Jon & Oliver

and the Spidermind Games team

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