We're well on our way to meeting our goal – Spidermind Games
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We're well on our way to meeting our goal

We're well on our way to meeting our goal

Hi folks,

Happy March!

The factory are full steam ahead with making dice to finish the initial Kickstarter fulfillment and get out replacements once everyone has received their initial order.

They sent a cool video & a couple of pictures to show you in more detail exactly what goes into the making of each and every one of your dice.

Hand placed agate into custom made device
Those of you who haven’t had any dice yet

The warehouse are fulfilling at a speedy rate and the last update we had from them was that there were enough dice to send out 1,500 more orders, but that number is dropping every day, as parcels leave the warehouse. We will let you know as soon as they have finished and then any of you who do not have their dice, will be fulfilled in the next batch, which are the dice that are being made now. Once fulfillment is complete from Oregon that will leave approx 18% of you who are waiting. We will let you know when the warehouse have run out of dice.

Regarding replacements

All of the ROW replacement orders have been made on Shopify and then those of you in the US / Canada / rest of the Americas, who are still receiving dice, please add the faults to the portal here. It is not necessary to also email pictures as the same person is constantly checking the portal for new uploads. Your replacement orders will then be made on Shopify as they come in. As stated in the email that all you get, at the end of the day that your new order is made, IGNORE any shipping amount. It is simply to be able to report what is is costing us to resend the dice.

In most cases we are not asking you to return your squiffy dice. If we are, you will be emailed about this individually.

A few people have mentioned the hand placed vs technology… the agates are hand placed into the device (see picture above) that holds the agate in the centre of the mould. Where the iris might be slightly off, it's due to this hand placing part BUT the agate should always be dead centre, which as you know hasn’t always been the case. This is all being worked out in all batches from now on.

We are sorry for the delay BUT as promised we are fulfilling each and every one of you and we will be replacing all reported dice.

More soon

Jon & Oliver 

and the Spidermind Games team

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