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Update with some figures…

Update with some figures…

First off, hope you are all well.

Things that have happened so far:

4317 orders of Dragon Eye Dice have been fulfilled & 327 orders have been made manually on Shopify for replacement dice, this is continuing ...

So what is happening now?

º A count of what’s left that isn’t yellowed or at a quick glance, out of alignment, is happening in Oregon right now.

º Once that count is complete, all orders that match what is left will then have their labels printed and those dice will be sent. You will see your Backer Kit change under the tab ‘shipping’ and you will see the tracking link. It is not emailed to you. *In some cases, a label could be printed and then your SKU(s) might not be available. This is unusual but can happen.

º If you bought your dice on pre-order or from us at GenCon you will receive a tracking link by email from Shopify

º Where the order contains a White dragon or Goddess dragon that is yellow, we are likely to part fulfil your order and you will be notified if this happens. THEN any dice that are still owed to you will be sent from Asia.

º For those of you who cannot be fulfilled from Oregon, you will receive your entire order from Asia. We apologise that those of you who are left are most likely to have spent the most amount of money. We desperately wanted to get you your dice first but it was decided that in order to reduce the amount of people waiting (…the rage) we began with fulfilling the smallest orders first. The upside of this it that ALL your dice should be perfect and it’ll ultimately be worth the wait

º The beads that have been ordered are in the works and we will see Goddess, White & Black Dragon dice being made first. This is due to the high number of yellowed dice that were dismissed by the ROW / QC in Seattle / the warehouse in Oregon / a few of you in the US who still received these *We are off to PAX East in March and we are planning to take these tinted dice to sell at a discount. This is because we desperately need cash and alone, without the reference of a clear goddess dice, to some gamers think they are still cool. So there is no misunderstanding or backlash we are ONLY selling ‘tinted dice’ and NOT your dice. We will of course also be selling Angels & Demons. The factory did an excellent job with these as they made them last, so we are confident that they know how to complete this debacle.

º A few of you are worried that we are replacing dice first. We aren’t replacing any yet (see next section for this explanation)

NOTE: It is about to be Chinese New Year. It officially it starts on the 10th Feb and runs until 24th Feb BUT factory workers get more time off and there is a wind down / wind up period so we consider it approx a month whereby nothing really happens. We are going to use this time to make the remaining replacement orders and think of new ideas to release once you all have your dice.

Of the 327 orders that have been made manually on Shopify for replacement dice, it began with all the ROW & google form uploads, whilst cross referencing those with the portal. This is a slow going process and thank you all for your patience. Once the remaining ROW replacement orders are made, we will move swiftly onto to everyone who has uploaded content or comments onto the portal. Once your order is made, at the end of the day (ET), you will get an email telling you to ignore the shipping quantity that has been added. This figure is NOT owed by you but is so we can tally up what it’s going to cost Spidermind Games to reship these dice, and pass that figure onto the manufacturing partners

Hope this helps for now and please feel free to enjoy February whilst approx 226 million people take trips in China, to celebrate their Spring Festival / New Year.

Next update will be when everyone is back at work and of course in the event that you need us, please email help@spidermindgames.com

We will keep in touch

Jon & Oliver

And the Spidermind Games team

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