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Making progress with fulfillment...

Making progress with fulfillment...
Hi folks,
Update on the dice… we are still fulfilling to the US backers from both Oregon and Ohio (photo of the van is boxes being fulfilled from Ohio). We are chatting about all you patient backers in Canada, Mexico & Latin America and we will let you know when your fulfillment will commence… we are anticipating that it will be soon. We’ll let you know
More details on the above:
The process of fulfilling paused in Oregon as the whole warehouse moved to a larger facility. They are back up and running and we are waiting on a count from them to see who can be fulfilled next. This means that until we have the count, we do not know who’s labels can be raised but as soon as your label is raised, your tracking number will appear under the ‘shipping’ tab in Backer Kit. Please do not email to ask when you are getting your dice as we have no idea, until we know whose label can be raised based on what stock we have.
This also applies to the situation in Ohio. Yesterday for example, a list of you were sent to Oregon, for your labels to be raised, for your dice to be fulfilled from Ohio. This list includes about half of you who have a set of round edged D20s in your order. Again, you will see a tracking link appear in Backer Kit when your label is raised.
Please be patient when you see a tracking link as your label is raised in Oregon, emailed to Ohio and then a small team whose day job is NOT fulfillment, will be packing and sending your dice. There is no need to chase as this will take a little bit of time.
Regarding what the factory is up to. Here’s some evidence of the sharp edged white and goddess that they have now made (see pic below).
Of course we would love for the factory to produce all the dice that they owe us, at the same time, but the reality is they are working at their pace based on the fact that they are having to make all of these dice for free. As a result they have just completed the main stages of the new white and goddess sharp edged dice and these will be sent to Ohio for packing and fulfillment, once they have been properly finished. In Ohio there are now a lot of boxes and eggs spare as the rejected dice have been disgarded. It was decided that sending trays of dice into the US and having them packed in Ohio will speed up the process of you getting your boxes. As the factory move on to different colours, we will send evidence of this, we will also let you know when the dice start making their way to Ohio.
Any of you who have a lot of sharp edged dice or are pre-orders on Shopify, we are looking at your orders also and where possible are fulfilling you too, but you are most likely going to be fulfilled from the new dice. As soon as the factory send us a batch of dice, we will get them in the mail and post a update as to what dice we are fulfilling. For now, we are concentrating on getting all the available round edged dice out to you all.
Please let us know if you have moved and as usual email if you need help.
Have a great weekend,
Spidermind Games Team

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