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Elite Dangerous Card Game

Elite Dangerous Battle Card Sci Fi Space Game

Elite Dangerous Battle Cards

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Elite Dangerous Battle Cards is a 2 person spaceship combat card game. Play involves selecting an armada of ships from your hand to fight in a number of different battle zones (Standard board comes with three zones).  Each zone has a separate mission card attached to it (for example, an...

Elite: Dangerous Card Game

Fight epic space battles across the Elite: Dangerous galaxy. Battle in asteroid belts to gain cover against enemy attacks, explore planets to gain advantage over your foe, or send a fleet of transports to construct an unstoppable capital ship. Create an armada of spaceships, fighters, warships – even entire space stations. Use special abilities to outflank your enemy, upgrade your vessels with enhanced equipment or play action cards to save yours ships or foil your opponent.

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Get exactly the deck you want. Battle Cards are sorted non-randomly into a Starter Set, and three additional expansion packs. The Strike Deck emphasizes speed and firepower, to bolster the raw military strength of your decks. The Industrial Deck gives you more transports, liners, explorers and miners to allow you to out-produce your opponent and grind them down. The Escalation Deck allows you to buy cards that call in their reinforcements, potentially saving you a fortune in Build Points.

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Control the fate of the galaxy across three battle zones, each with its own mission which influences your cards and determines ultimate victory. Protect a massive space station under siege from your opponent, launch a strike force to destroy an enemy convoy, hire space pirates to do your fighting for you, or be the first to fight off the dreaded Thargoid Invaders in their awesomely powerful bio-ships.

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