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Level Up Gaming Table - Elevate your Tabletop Games Today!

Level Up Gaming Table - Elevate your Tabletop Games Today!

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Say Goodbye To Crowded Tables

As fans of board, card and role-playing games, we often struggled on game nights to fit everything we needed onto our table. How do you fit character sheets, game cards, the main board, figures, dice and tokens on to a table that is also playing host to drinks, snacks, the compulsory game night pizza and a myriad of other items?


Level Up is made up of 6 tiles which each measure 12" square (30.48cm). The whole platform, when constructed, measures 24" (60.96 cm) by 36" (91.44cm) and stands at just under 6 inches from the table (16cm) – when complete, the playing area is just a little over A1 in size - further extension pieces are available in the stretch goals.

Each 12" square tile has been designed with reinforced rib supports to enable the level up to carry weight up to even the heaviest game pieces or the odd rogue cat. The Level Up has been tested by our engineers to 5kg (11lbs).

Choice In Design

The design of the Level Up allows for the legs to be attached as close to the center of the surface as possible. This clears the underneath space for your character sheets and attached cards, dice, pencils as well as the ever-present danger of drinks. If stability is a worry, each tile will have three threaded metal inserts so that the legs can be attached as close in or as far out as you require.

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