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The Dice are on Their Way

The Dice are on Their Way

Great News folks, the Dice are on the move. 

Having completed the audit and reprint of a selection of dice, they have been released and will be travelling to our freight forwarder very soon. As soon as space has been booked on a vessel we will release the name of the boat and the MarineTraffic tracking link. 

Many thanks again to all our backers for your patience as we have developed this totally new manufacturing process to create these unique dice. 

As we mentioned in our last update, we donated our sample sets of the Dragon Eye Dice to the charity Extra Life for their Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying Game playthrough, The Red Scribe. This event was shot at LA Comic Con in December last year. The entire playthrough can be seen here. Available on the IGN channels from 11am tomorrow morning.

A ten minute cut down of the live event will be aired in cinemas around the US and Canada from tomorrow night. This will be screened prior to a showing of Return of the King, to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. If you are interested and want tickets, you can find out more information here

If you do end up attending this event or watch the live playthrough, do let us know your thoughts and we hope you enjoy seeing your dice on the big screen as well as in your hands very soon.

And finally, if you have moved please do let us know by emailing our customer service team at and we can update your details.

Many thanks once again,

Jon & Oliver

and the Spidermind Games Team



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