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Quality check is underway

Quality check is underway

As a lot of you have seen, the boat got to Seattle safe and sound and the container has cleared customs.  Hoorah!

With every manufacturing project we have undertaken (Level Up & Ice Dice), we have used the same product development company to help prove the concept, produce the prototypes & find the appropriate factories. We are now working with this same company to fix the issues that have arisen from the dice factory. As a result, the visual QC check is underway, in Seattle and as soon as this independent QC company give us the green light, the container will be driven to Oregon and fulfillment will commence.

Thanks to all of you from ROW for uploading any QC issues to the Google form. Sorry about the extra admin that you have gone through. Don't worry if you don't get anything back, your form would have been received and a 30 page document has come out of it, pulled together by the manufacturing partners. All the issues have been noted, recorded, shown to the factory and your replacements will be sent out as soon as we have fulfilled all the backers in the Americas.

To those of you who haven't received your dice yet, please rest assured that what we said we were going to do, we are doing.  Your dice will be fulfilled as soon as the container arrives into Oregon. *We are deliberately not giving an exact date in this update and we don't have it ourselves, but we do not foresee it taking too long as we have paid for an entire team of people, *one of whom has turned out to be a backer himself.

More information will follow as soon as we have it.  


Jon & Oliver

and the Spidermind Team

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