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An epic, choose-your-own adventure style gamebook set in a sandbox fantasy world.

Prepare for adventure in this huge open-world gamebook series. Legendary Kingdoms is a roleplaying campaign, where you lead a party of adventurers in a world that adapts to your actions. Venture into ancient ruins, pick a side and lead an army into battle, sail the high seas on your own warship, defeat tyrants or bring them to power. Along the way your party will increase in skill, wealth and renown, allowing them to take on more challenging adventures. Reach the heights of power and you may uncover a dreadful threat to the world itself and go on a mission that spans all six gamebooks in the series.

Book 1: The Valley of Bones

The Valley of Bones takes place in a desert wilderness where tyrant kings oppress the teeming masses in a land strewn with ancient artefacts and ruins. But their grip on power is fragile… and the citizenry are ripe for revolution. It is a land of blood and sand, where civilization is rare and terrible beasts roam freely.

Book 2: Crown & Tower

Crown and Tower takes place in the high-medieval realm of Longport Bay, torn apart by the struggle for power between two noble families. Baron Baldwin Dayne lies dying, and his children must grasp the mantle of power, or see their family destroyed forever. Ancient ruins await plunder and exploration, and savage armies hang on the borders, waiting for the county to weaken itself with its incessant warring. Glittering steel, the flash of long forgotten magics, and terrible monsters all wait to be found as you build your strength for the final confrontation.

Books 3 – 6 are being written and released over the next few years, we will notify anyone who has purchased book 1 of any future releases. This email notification can be unsubscribed to at anytime by selecting the option on the email.

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