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Dragon Eye Dice add-ons box opening video

Dragon Eye Dice add-ons box opening video

Hi folks, 

After showing the dice in person to those who came to see us at GenCon, we are proud to release the long awaited video (and soon to follow photos) of the dice from the production run that is currently taking place.  Here is an unpacking video of the various add-on sets to demonstrate how the dice look to the naked eye. The video was made by Josh at CRWN Studios, our partners in Oregon and these are his initial thoughts.

*If you are thinking of changing colours, hold fire as in the next update we will show photos of the full sets, with the eggs and bags. We’ve listened to the feedback regarding the black and we have added a small hint of black ink into the resin, which will darken the overall affect.

As you may have spotted, it’s mostly the sharp edged dice in the video. The smooth edged dice take longer as they go through a tumbling process and we are expecting their production to be done by mid October. So, as soon as all the dice are manufactured, they will be boxed and loaded onto pallets. We are discussing shipment dates with our freight forwarders and as soon as we have fixed dates we will let you know. 

We ourselves, are VERY happy with the quality and uniqueness of the dice and are satisfied that not one single step of the process was rushed. Given the feedback that we received from GenCon we are sure you will love these too. 


Dice Collector’s Club

As some of you might be aware, we are in the process of creating the Dice Collector’s Club. This is a free to join club that invites you to sign up for an email alerting you when a new set of limited edition dice become available for purchase. Now that we have developed this new dice making technology, we plan on coming up with ideas to keep Dead Centre technology alive and thriving. The idea is to release at least 4 limited edition sets over 12 months and being a member of the Club rewards you with a preview of any new release, a few days before they go to market and grants you a discount should you wish to purchase any of these limited editions sets. They will be available for immediate shipping and will not be on pre-order. 

Our first limited edition sets are Angels & Demons. We commissioned the factory to make these alongside the Dragon Eye Dice and they will be delivered at the same time to our US warehouse. Once fulfillment of the Dragon Eye Dice commences we will make these available to members of the Dice Collector’s Club. Do remember we are only manufacturing a small number of these limited edition dice and so be sure to sign up to find out more. Please register here to be the first to hear about our new limited editions by email.

Thank you once again for all your patience and we look forward to you receiving these wonderful creations.

Jon & Oliver

and the Spidermind team

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